On Other People's Problems, a couple is arguing over the cut off age for giving their children gifts. Are you ever too old to be spoiled by your parents?

OPP-Kids at Christmas
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Mike and Kate,
My wife and I are having our yearly argument over holiday gifts for our kids.  This has really come to a head over the past few years because all 3 of our kids are now over 20 and living outside our house.  One is married, the other lives with his girlfriend and the youngest is going to school at BSU.
My wife says that after they become adults and live on their own we should no longer get them big Christmas gifts and stockings.  She's OK with a few small gifts, but think no way do we spend the thousands of dollars that we used to spend on them when they were little kids and teenagers.
I say that they are still our kids and will always be our children and that we should spend just as much as we always have. Help us out, this fight is getting worse and worse every year they grow older.

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