Good Morning Mike

I have a situation that I would like some opinions on. I don't really have anyone else to go to with this problem because it's a little embarrassing for me. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 1/2 years now. I get it, all men (well most) like to watch porn online and go to adult websites from time to time...... I have caught my boyfriend multiple times.

As much as I try to not let it impact my emotions, it does bother me more than I let on. However, lately I have noticed rather than just him looking at porn he's been signing up for some of the adult hook-up sites and he pays the member fee! To me, this is a lot different than just searching Google. Is this normal? Do most guys do this on a regular basis?
I don't go on those sites so I don't know what they are like but I think paying for a membership on an adult hookup site and creating a profile is taking it a little too far. In my opinion, I feel like that just could lead to something more other than looking at porn. I guess I could be wrong. I just would like to know is this something I should be concerned about or just let it go because most guys do this? Help!!!! I need some thoughts on this.

I appreciate you guys and your listeners help
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