The Idaho Statesman's annual survey is out. This is your chance to vote for all your favorite things and places in the Treasure Valley. Vote Mike & Kate for Best DJs!

Vote Mike & Kate
Meagan Cramer via Mix 106

It's a Treasure Valley tradition! Every spring the Idaho Statesman surveys the Treasure Valley to find out who serves the best burger, where is the best place to take out of town guests, who has the best patio and so on. If you ask me, the most important category is Best Radio DJs. If all 12 of you vote, Mike and I have a decent chance of taking 5th. In all seriousness, if you did vote for us and got your family to vote for us and they got their co-workers to vote for us, we have a chance to take the title Best of the Treasure Valley for the 5th year in a row! We would be forever grateful and promise to try our hardest every morning to entertain you! Pinky swear!! :)


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