There are plenty of websites that have done lists of the most popular foods in every state . . . but I feel like they're mostly based on stereotypes or Yelp reviews.  This one goes to the actual source…people who actually live and eat in Idaho.

Buzzfeed actually surveyed people in all 50 states, not just Idaho, about the most popular food where they live.  And for the most part they definitely see to be right on.

In a lot of states, the people there voted for their signature food . . . like bagels in New York, deep dish pizza in Illinois, cheese steaks in Pennsylvania, poke in Hawaii, maple syrup in Vermont, barbecue in Texas and here in Idaho, I think they knocked it out of the park, because this is definitely one of my favorite foods...Finger Steaks.

For those of you who may be reading this and you aren’t from Idaho, finger steaks are not actually fried fingers. They are long thin strips of steak, breaded, then deep fried to a golden brown deliciousness…and they do look a little like fried fingers.

Finger steaks were invented in Idaho and are a uniquely Idaho food.  Try ordering them in another state and notice the looks that you get.  By the way, the best way to eat Finger steaks is to dip it in another uniquely Idaho food…fry sauce. Some places serve it with cocktail sauce, which is OK, but nowhere near as good as with Fry sauce.

Some other states got votes for more obscure foods, like a cubed, fried red meat dish in South Dakota called Chislic . . . a Norwegian flatbread called Lefse in North Dakota . . . and toasted ravioli in Missouri.

And then there's Alaska, where the number one pick was ICE CREAM. WTH?  I guess if you live in Alaska, you like things that are cold, regardless of how impractical they are.

Check out each states favorite food here

Do you agree? Is this Idaho's favorite food? The picture below shows my finger steak dinner I recently enjoyed from Stewart's in Caldwell.

Where do you get the best finger steaks in the Treasure Valley? Or so you think something else needs to be at the top of the list? Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page

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