As Covid cases are rising and flu season is upon is, essential supplies along with PPE are already in limited supply. The Target I frequent has "one per person" signage on toilet paper, hand soap, and sanitizer, and still there were slim pickings on the shelves. Disposable masks were nowhere to be found. There were plenty of reusable masks, but I'd rather shop local for that if I can.

And wouldn't you know it, Wear Boise sells Boise and Idaho themed masks! For myself I copped a few "I heart Boy See" masks and got my husband a few with a bearded silhouette of Idaho. If he can't grow facial hair at least the graphic on his mask can rock it. They also offer sanitizer in quantities up to 4 bottles, so I ordered those too.

Looking for more custom and stylish masks? Charmed By Gabrielle on Etsy has 36 designs to choose from, including a Schitt's Creek themed mask that is giving me life! They are high quality, washable masks with over a hundred 5 star reviews. And the creative mind behind the masks, Gabrielle Weeks, is based in Boise.

Looking for practicality without being too flashy (are you my husband)? Sarah, the owner of 52freckles, sells durable double layer masks in solid basic colors. Perfect for more professional environments or if you just aren't trying to make a fashion statement with your mask. And she's based in Meridian, so I feel connected 'cause that's where I live too.

I know masks are annoying, but they are a normal part of life these days. So if we have to wear them, we can at least shop local for them and help stimulate business here in the Treasure Valley. Every little bit counts during a time where the economy is in a downturn as a result of the pandemic. All in this together!


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