The dating world can be a bizarre place and when it comes to how people meet one another, dating apps have become all the rage.

A dating app that goes... "old school"

There is a new dating app that is trending all over the world and it's mostly because of how it's approaching the world of dating - going "old school."

The app is called Tame and filters out all of the excess noise of normal dating apps. One of the key features forces you to explain why you're not interested... awkward much?

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As we talked about, the idea of not being able to move on and talk to other people without first exiting your conversation with that one match can be awkward. Think about it - you have to tell the person why you're not interested in them before you can talk to anyone else. What does that do to a person? Could this lead to more problems than it does solutions?

The backlash Tame is facing

The Tame app is obviously drawing a lot of attention for being so unique from other dating apps but that doesn't mean they aren't facing some backlash. Users and non-users alike have voiced their strong opinions regarding the app's rules. Tame addressed those concerns in a post on social media:

It seems the app is facing some backlash for the awkward position it puts its users in by having them essentially being forced to turn someone down before moving on with other app users.

Let's not forget - this isn't the only app that's available to people who want to date, so I'm somewhat baffled that people would still find a way to complain.

If this is too constrictive... there's always Tinder!

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