As we near the end of 2022, many of us will be looking ahead to the new year with a goal of change and/or a clean slate. What if the state of Idaho also went into 2023 with a "new year, new me" attitude and began the transformation by changing its state motto?

The current state motto according to Idaho's Secretary of State office is "Esto Perpetua" which translates to "let it be perpetual." While it's simple and sounds philosophical, we thought it would be fun to turn it over to you, the people of Idaho. We asked you to share your picks for what should be the state's new motto and the results didn't disappoint.

Of course, there were plenty of people with the goal of discouraging potential transplants with their mottos while a few mottos had various messages of unity, inspiration, and even advice.

I'm a bit disappointed that no one came up with a state motto that highlights one of two things: the hardworking Idahoan or the roads of Idaho. Driving in Idaho is its own experience and creating a motto highlighting the travels would take some serious work but it can be done.

Do you think it's time to change and update the motto of Idaho? Would you keep it the way it is? If you would, why would you? Is it a way of life? Share your comments, feedback, and suggestions here!

Let's dive into the best suggestions we received from you for Idaho's new state motto.

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