Shop Local In Caldwell
If there's one thing I love doing on my days off, it's shopping. And one thing I've noticed since moving here is the variety of local spots to choose from.
What’s Boise’s Best Coffee Shop?
I know my favorite coffee chain is The Human Bean (because they have frozen hot chocolate) and thankfully they have locations all over the Treasure Valley. But what's the best local coffee shop?
The New School Year During a Pandemic: What Are My Options?
Talking about the pandemic is exhausting, boring, depressing, and draining. But here I am talking about it. As much as I'd love to ignore it, the truth is Covid-19 is affecting all facets of life. Summer gave us some respite from total worry over the health of our kids, but school is fast appro…
New Location For Bad Boy Burgers
Since moving to Boise, I have scoured the city for the best burgers. I've gone to local spot after local spot. Among the very best that I've had so far is Bad Boy Burgers. I went to the location on Fairview, and as I pulled into the drive-through and saw the menu, I was overcome with joy t…

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