Drinking Wine While Vegan: A Guide
I never considered the alcohol I drink wouldn't be vegan friendly because I assumed there wasn't bacon grease in my wine. Apparently there's a lot I didn't know.
Pool Party Ready In One Day
I'm profoundly lazy and wait until the last minute for most social things. I'll be ready for tomorrow by doing just a few simple things.
Kidney Stones: Tips For Prevention
It's been 8 years since last I passed a kidney stone. If you haven't experienced this, let me tell you it's excruciating. Nausea, vomiting, sweating, intense sharp lower back, side and abdominal pain, especially while urinating--honestly I prefer childbirth.
Is It Time For Baby #3?
I've always said I would stop popping out babies after having 2. But I also always said my older boy would be an only child...and he's been living that older brother life for three years now.

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