People always suggest getting rid of your daily coffee pickup as the first way to save money... Not anymore, beginning Monday, Treasure Valley Coffee lovers can get unlimited coffee for $9 A MONTH!

Yeah, say goodbye to $5 cups of coffee. Beginning Monday, Panera will offer a coffee subscription service where you get unlimited coffee for $9 per month. And it's not just coffee, it's iced coffee and their teas as well. Morning, noon or night.

There are currently four Panera locations in the Treasure Valley and they all open at 6 am so this is perfect when you're on your way to work, or if you need a pick me up on your lunch break.

I wish they opened at 5 cause then I would sneak in on my way to work but our show starts at 5:30 and they don't open up that early but that's life. I think I'll still get this deal anyway... I love their teas and coffees, and I think the $9 per month will pay for itself pretty quickly.

This is so smart cause just writing about Panera has me thinking about their delicious sandwiches and Mac n cheese. Y'know what... I'm going in today and I'm gonna have an awesome Panera lunch and if I can do it already, I'm gonna sign up for the coffee subscription cause this is a DEAL.

I should mention that in order to get the $9/month deal, you'll need to get the MyPanera app in the app store. By the way, this is not a paid advertisement of any sorts. Just a guy that loves him some coffee and Panera.


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