45% of Americans make a New Year's Resolution. Of that number, only 8% are successful in reaching their goal. We are 51 days into the new year and the excuses for dropping the New Year's Resolution are comical and crafty.

Steve Frost
Steve Frost

I always make a New Year's Resolution, and not to brag, but I am pretty good at reaching those goals. I won't let myself forget what the destination is. I have sticky notes on my bathroom mirror, in my planner, in my journal, on the dash in my jeep and so on. I am relentless about staying focused. It helps, at least for me. In 2005 my resolution was to run a marathon. I joined a running group January 5th and on November 6, 2005 after 4 hours and 58 minutes, I was able to say I ran a marathon.

According to StatisticBrain.com, losing weight is the number 1 resolution that people make. People also want to quit smoking, get organized and fall in love to name a few. 64% of that group who make a resolution are still focusing on it after one month. But that means that 46% have given up. The girls and I were talking about this the other day and it was funny to hear some of the excuses.

Friend 1-"I was sick for 2 weeks in January so I couldn't work out and now it's just too late to start." What? You have 11 months of prime working out time to reach that goal!

Friend 2-"I wanted to clean out the playroom and finally get it organized, but my husband wasn't able to help due to his work schedule. Maybe next year." Ummm...how about just doing it yourself?

Friend 3-"I wanted to quit smoking. But my boyfriend and I have been fighting and it's the only thing that calms my nerves." God Bless her, she attempts this every year. Every year it's something else.

If after 51 days you have already given up your New Year's Resolution, what is the reason you have? Post below in the comments section. Post on Facebook at Mix 106 Radio. Email us at mikeandkate@mix106radio.com or call #376-5106

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