In my weight loss journey... I know that phrase is so overused, but what else can I say? Anyway, I'll be honest, it's not going well!

I feel like two weeks is my magic number. I can stay consistent and eat healthy for two weeks and then I'm like screw itttt! I also have a thing about Mondays, so if I mess up, I just tell myself I'll start over again next Monday. Well, today is Monday... So here goes. We've bought only healthy stuff from the grocery store so providing I have enough will power to NOT stop by Del Taco on the way home, I should be good.

Stepped on the scale last night and weighed in at 257.4. Not as bad as the 262 I was at when I started, but not as good as I was two weeks ago. I feel like with things like this, I'm going to fail over and over, but I have to try again and again if I want success. The grand plan is to get under 200 pounds by the time I get married (Now November 7th).

So there ya go... I told you in previous blogs I'd be honest about the good and the bad and here I am, writing a blog to tell you how I failed. Now it's time to try again!

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