21 days to form a habit, right? I've completed 21 days of my fitness journey, so I guess I'm officially in the habit of getting active and eating better! Whooo! Having plateaued last week, I made sure to take it up a notch with my workouts and be more mindful of my eating. I also decided I'd post progress pictures, which motivated me to stay on track. So here's how the week went:

What I did this week: Took advantage of my new gym membership at Axiom to incorporate weights into my daily routine and finally get back on the treadmill. I love jogging on the street, but the treadmill helps me stay focused and I can force myself to run faster because I have no choice when I up the speed setting. Worked out 4 days with a rest day in the middle.

What I ate: I don't love candy, so Halloween isn't ever too big a factor in my eating habits. But I love being in the Halloween spirit, so I had to partake in a few pieces. Just a few fun size pieces here and there during the week. But I ate all the vegetables, rice, tofu, and beans, which is a good offset to candy. I feel good about my choices. I did indulge in alcohol Saturday night, which can definitely affect a weigh in.

Weigh In- What a joy to step on the scale and have it read 163.4lbs! That's a 3.4lb drop from last week. So I finally broke my plateau!. I definitely want to keep up this momentum with three weeks left to lose 8lbs. No more alcohol just to be safe.

When I started this journey I decided I'd also document the visual changes in my body knowing the scale wouldn't always reflect my hard work. I put on a dress that I'd like to wear for Thanksgiving but doesn't fit perfectly just yet. Tried it on again today and I'm happy with the changes I'm seeing. Sure, I have a ways to go, but this feels promising. See for yourself! 

progress picture

Looking forward to what the final progress picture will be so long as I keep pushing forward!


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