I couldn't fit, "Sign me up!" in the headline but that goes without saying right? The pandemic is hitting the country in more ways than we can really mentally handle right now. One thing is for certain in most of our lives, you're missing those steps.

You aren't doing the things you would prior to COVID-19 and that just packs on pounds over time. That doesn't mean missing out on the gym. It's just walking and burning calories and that is why you gotta l love this article.

A fitness company out of Indiana is offering someone $13,000 to lose that unauthorized pandemic weight that is haunting you. Total Shape has started a contest and this one could be fun especially if you win.

Total Shape is calling this, "Lose Your Lockdown Love Handles." According to a study commissioned by Nutrisystem, 76% of Americans have gained as much as 16 pounds during the lockdown. This is also called, "The Quarantine 15."

Interested? It's going to be like a reality show in your house by you if selected. You will need to document everything from videos, photos, and social media. They will choose 4 contestants to compete. Selected contestants will immediately by awarded $8,000 and will be given $5,000 in bonuses when achieving certain weight loss milestones.

Pay me $8,000 to lose some weight and then some? Wait, I have to document that? That's good though because it motivates the entire process. You can't compete and post up weight gains right? United States applicants will also be competing with the UK and different pay scales.

Let me know if you get the invite and I'll post the official details below.

Good luck!


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