When I first saw the story this morning about closing three major streets in downtown to cars and making them for bikes only, I was panicked! Then I did more research and found out all the facts. Here's what you need to know.


Before I go any further, I must state that I support sharing the rode with bicyclists 100%. I was just shocked when I saw in two major new sources that ACHD was closing Main, Idaho and Capitol for the next month to cars and making them bike lanes. I couldn't understand how the downtown businesses wouldn't be in an uproar over this. These are main routes through downtown. This will hurt businesses if there is no traffic in front of their businesses and how do you get into the parking garage if Main and Idaho are closed to cars?

All these thoughts were racing through my head. I am huge fan of downtown. I live close by, I shop downtown, I workout downtown, I spend lots of time eating downtown. Then putting my broadcast journalism degree into full force, I did some research and found out the whole story.

According to ACHD's website, " Ada County Highway District (ACHD) will convert one traffic lane to a buffered bicycle lane on Capitol Boulevard, Idaho Street and Main Street."

One lane works for me. I have always said, I support sharing the road. I am actually envious of those who can bike to work! The boys here at work freak out when I say I am going to ride my bike to work at 4am.Traffic is going to get crazy this afternoon and for a few days, maybe even the first couple weeks of this trial. Here's how this will affect you:

  • Capitol Boulevard, Boise River to Bannock Street
    • Remove one vehicle lane south of Fulton Street and north of Front Street
      Add a buffered bike lane
  • Idaho Street, 16th Street to Broadway Avenue
    • Remove one vehicle lane west of 5th Street
      Add a buffered bike lane
  • Main Street, 16th Street to Broadway Avenue
    • Remove one vehicle lane west of 5th Street
      Add a buffered bike lane

This experiment will go for one month. I totally encourage you to fill out the survey and give feedback to ACHD no matter what your opinion is (yes, even if you disagree with me). Our city leaders and developers will be basing their decision off this information so let your opinion be heard!


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