This is probably the best Christmas party idea I have ever heard of. In Canada there is a company called Waste Connections and a local branch decided instead of a traditional office Christmas party they were going to do something a little different. As a company they spent multiple hours building 292 bikes for children in need.

Just imagine how much those kids enjoyed their brand new bike when most likely they weren't expecting anything for Christmas. Waste Connection is known for doing these tremendous things, just last year the company donated over 8,000 bikes and helmets to children in need. There were also several bicycle shop employees that helped them reach that number last year.

The company then released this statement:

It's that time of the year. We know that these bikes are going to go to folks who need it and families who need it and are really going to appreciate it. And that's what this is all about for us."

It is fantastic to see that some companies see the bigger picture when it comes to the holidays. It's all about making the season bright for the younger kids. I love sharing stories about good people or good companies that are doing extraordinary things!

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