My best friend, Ysabel, sent me the funniest text I've ever received. That was not her intention at all. Her Voice-to-Text turned a normal text into pure comedy!

Texting Mistakes
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This is the text I got from Ysabel. We were laughing so hard that she completely forgot to tell me what she really meant to text. All we know is that she didn't mean to call me fat nasty. She must have been listening to Mix 106 for her voice-to-text to pick up KCIX. The rest is a mystery. A very funny mystery.

Hey fat nasty and KCIX look really good I am so fat bitch and happy my bellybutton my boobs are having a chocolate egg and I Chardonnays but Monday but that's Claxter life again. Anyway call me of I don't need. Yeah Jason texting out with somebody and you're that person okay bye!


How did the Voice-to-text feature mess up your intended message?

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