As bad as this sounds, it’s pretty impressive how criminals can come up with clever schemes to make money. You would think with all of that creativity and effort that these people could be more productive citizens in society. Instead, you have these sneaky snakes posing as the United States Postal Service to trick us into giving them our hard-earned money.

In a post on the popular app NextDoor, user Mary S. shared the following:

NextDoor App
NextDoor App

USPS scam: ‘we tried to deliver a package. Follow the link to pay $3.30 for us to re-attempt delivery” I confirmed it at post office today. It’s a scam.

To most people, $3.30 doesn’t sound like much but it’s what these slick willies are doing with your payment info that can do some serious financial damage.

In the comment section that follows the original post, several other Boise residents shared similar experiences.

A user named Tracy, encountering the same message, shared that something didn’t feel right before she went to her mailbox to see for herself.

“I did get weird vibes so I didn’t put in my info,” she shared, “[I] went to our apartments mailbox to see if I had a missed delivery slip … nothing.”

The good news is that we can put a stop to it thanks to a user named Linda. Linda got sick and tired of these mother-loving scamming snakes and shared in a comment that she reports the scams to 7726. According to AT&T, by forwarding the text to 7726 (SPAM), you’ll send the suspicious message to their defense team who then go about their process to determine if it is a scam or an illegal message.

You can learn more about how they’re combating scams here. Stay safe out there!

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