I'm loving the fact that the planet (ok....just the Treasure Valley) is getting a bath on Earth Day! There are simple ways that you can celebrate Earth Day. Small changes make big impacts!

Earth Day 2014
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I am a huge fan of Earth Day! That sounds silly but I want the planet to stay green. I want the oceans to stay blue. I want the sky to reflect that blue water. I want the mountains to be full of tall pine trees and the rivers to be ragging with white water. So if reusing the same water bottle over and over helps with that, sign me up! I also recycle all the paper I use at the station. I try and print as little as possible. I am on the recycle plan with BFI. I take my glass to the recycling plant on Glenwood. My water heater is on a timer. If I could bike to work I would, but the boys think the greenbelt is not a safe place for me at 4 in the morning. Geez! I'm saving the planet boys!!

I found some suggestions at www.earthday.org on how we can make a difference. Small changes do make a big impact on this planet.

  • Recycle bottles, cans, plastic, and newspapers.  This helps conserve our natural resources for future generations.  It also reduces the need for landfills and supports the U.S. workers who make recycled goods.
  • Go green for lawn and garden care.  If you use pesticides, spot-treat problem areas instead of putting chemicals on the whole yard.
  • Save the world with your wallet.  Cut down on waste by buying reusable products instead of disposable ones; for example, cloth napkins instead of paper.  Purchase recycled or recyclable items when available.
  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery store. Stop using plastic.
  • Pick up trash when you see it. Yes...even if it's not yours!

I have a personal one to add after witnessing this in our station parking lot this morning.

Don't wash your car or Mix 106 station vehicles in the rain! It wastes water. And you look ridiculous as it's pouring while your spraying off soap with a full powered hose.

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