Earth Day

Five Practical Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Boise
The Treasure Valley seems pretty earth-conscious already, and that may make us the perfect Earth Day celebrators. Earth Day is all about learning to live in greener ways, and we've got five practical ideas to work into your current energy-saving strategies.  Oh, and Downtown Boise is having a big Earth Day event this Saturday. Here are all the details.
My Earth Day Fail
Today is Earth Day and I'm all about saving the planet! I try and do all I can to help preserve Mother Earth but there is one thing that I continue to fail at so I need your help.
Enjoy Earth Day On The Greenbelt!
Happy Earth Day! An easy way to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Earth Day is to get out and take a stroll on the Boise Greenbelt. And thanks to Boise Parks and Rec, the greenbelt is even better!
This Is How You Celebrate Earth Day
I'm loving the fact that the planet (ok....just the Treasure Valley) is getting a bath on Earth Day! There are simple ways that you can celebrate Earth Day. Small changes make big impacts!