The Treasure Valley seems pretty earth-conscious already, and that may make us the perfect Earth Day celebrators.

Earth Day is all about learning to live in greener ways, and we've got five practical ideas to work into your current energy-saving strategies.  Oh, and Downtown Boise is having a big Earth Day event this Saturday. Here are all the details.

Here are practical ways to celebrate Earth Day:

1.  Install solar panels on the roof.

2. Change out old light bulbs for the new energy efficient ones.

3.  Install a convection oven that uses less energy than conventional ovens.

4.  Install a programmable thermostat to help limit energy use and lower costs.

5. Use electrical power strips that eliminate "phantom power."  That's the power draw that happens even when the device is off.

Some of those ideas are more expensive than others.  Probably the simplest, cheapest thing we can all do is recycle cardboard, cans, and bottles, and those handfuls of thin plastic grocery bags we all end up with after a trip to the store.  And the weather is great this week to get outside and plant somethin'!

If you love to be inspired like I do, you might want to check out the 4th Annual Idaho Green Fest is this Saturday in Downtown Boise, from 4 to 10pm at 8th and Bannock. They'll have all sorts of ideas about small changes we can make to live a more green life.  Food vendors there will be encouraged to use recyclable materials, and they're not going to be selling any bottled water that's consumed once and tossed.  (They'll have hydration stations and reusable water bottles there instead.)  Plus lots of live music, food, and info about gardening, farming, and sustainable living.  Their Facebook page says they'll have a children's area too.

This Friday, April 22nd, is the 46th anniversary of the Earth Day celebration, and a great opportunity to make some small changes that can have a big impact.

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