April 22nd is Earth Day! I think we can all agree its been through a lot in recent years. All kinds of natural disasters wreaking havoc on precious soil. The oceans are struggling. Wildfires have been displacing wildlife left and right. Landfills are reaching epic capacity levels. Our carbon footprint makes Godzilla look like he's got baby feet. It's all pretty overwhelming. If I could summon Captain Planet, I would...partially because he's hot.

But just because it seems impossible to make a difference it doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Enough people taking small steps to help our glorious earth amounts to major change. Tomorrow you can turn something you do daily into an impactful action you don't even realize. And you'll even get a little reward for it, which you know you want.

Flying M Coffee in Nampa wants you to take your coffee in a reusable mug tomorrow in celebration of Earth Day. Just bring in your own to-go mug for your bean beverage fix and you'll get a cutie Flying M patch in addition to the usual 25 cents off when you skip the paper cup. Simple enough, but here's what you're actually accomplishing when you switch to a reusable cup.

Using a refillable mug just five times saves:
- 5 cups from hitting the landfill (duh!)
- 2.2lbs of carbon dioxide
- 1.2 kw of power (I don't know what that means, but I know that's important)
- 1.4lbs of timber (That's how much for 5 cups?! We need to start planting more trees)

So you might actually consider switching to reusable permanently. You alone could save 72.8lbs of timber a year. And that's on the low end assuming you only have one cup of coffee a day, only on weekdays. I suggest picking up a mug from Idaho Made.

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