As a kid I remember watching Nickelodeon and being so pumped about Earth Day. They had a whole initiative called The Big Help that encouraged kids to take part in community projects that helped the environment. Trash cleanup at parks and beaches, starting a community garden, planting trees, recycling events--all these awesome ways to help sustain the earth. What I loved about that as a kid is that it was always presented in creative ways that made you want to get involved.

So I was pumped to see creativity and environmental consciousness collide in Idaho National Laboratory's Earth Day art competition. This year's theme is "Creating Change For A Sustainable Future." Contestants can submit artwork created in any medium so long as it's inspired by the theme or Earth Day itself. It can be a sculpture made of potato scraps in the shape of a windmill. It can be a painting that from far away looks like a can, but close up is different items that can be made when you recycle a can (I might actually paint this.) Even a time lapse video of trees being planted works, though not very creative or original. But it's all about execution. The point is there are a lot of options.

You can submit your art here until April 22nd. Multiple prizes will be awarded, as artwork will be separated by age categories: 3-5, 6-10, 11-14, 15-18, and 18+. Only one submission is allowed per person or group. You can submit a piece you've created as a team, which will also be a separate category.

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park

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