There are a ton of concerts in the Treasure Valley this summer and of course the Boise Music Festival is a full day of live music for you! With that said, it's time we revisit Mike & Kate's concert commandments.

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The Fray, Neon Trees, One Republic, The Neighbourhood, Matt Nathanson, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton...those are just a few of the many concerts who have come or are coming through the Treasure Valley this summer. And June 28th is the largest outdoor festival in Idaho!  It's the Boise Music Festival with Train, Fitz and the Tantrums, LMFAO Sky Blue, Emerson Heart of Tonic, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Lee Dewyze and Kelly Bannon. That is a ton of live music. Years ago, Mike and I created a list of concert commandments that we hope the artists follow. If we are going to pay our hard earned money to see a show, we have a few expectations.

Mike & Kate's Concert Commandments
1. Thou Shall Play Your Hits: After you have played all your chart topping hits, then dump the crappy new ones on us.
2. Thou Shall Keep Holy the Start Time: If the tickets says 7, then you better be rockin me 7:01.
3. Thou Shall Sing: Don't hang the mic over the crowd and ask us to sing. “You know the words!!”  Yes we do, but we are paying you $100 for the show. Now sing!
4. Thou Shall Not Kill Thy Songs: This is the Eric Clapton Commandment. Hey Eric...nobody likes the new slow version of Layla. Don't take one of the greatest rock tunes of all times and turn it into a campfire song!
5. Thou Shall leave all the political Rhetoric out of the concert. I'm drunk and don't care if someone is starving in Africa. Play Sunday Bloody Sunday!
6. Thou Shall Not forget the lyrics to your own song. This is your job, your only job tonight, so SING!
7. Thou Shall play a hit in your encore, not a new song! No one cares! We stood here for 5 minutes with a lighter in our hand, play me something good!
8. Thou Shall lower the cost of t-shirts and programs. Don’t ask me to pay $50 for a $5 t-shirt!
9. Thou Shall not take an intermission if you are the only band playing that night. You can play for 2 hours without a break!
10. Thou Shall know the name of the city that you are playing in. Put it on the back of your guitar if you have to!
11. Thou Shall not have lame opening acts that we can see at the State Fair. I am not paying $75 to see a show than I can see for $2 at the fair.
*NOTE: The above commandments are null and void if you got a free ticket to a show. No complaints out of you.*

What amendments would you like to see added to the concert commandment list?