social distancing

I Got To Rage With My Bros Last Night
In this era of social distancing and all, we don't really get to hang out with friends like we used to. But last night, I got to have a beer with the bros and it was a blast!
How Are You Handling Public Interactions?
It's interesting, this whole Coronavirus thing. Some people are scared to death of it and some brush it away and say it's ridiculous, but with the polarizing views on things, how do you handle public interactions like this one?
Things To Do: Virtual Reality!
In this time of "what ever is there to do when we're stuck at home all the time?", a local Treasure Valley company has the answer! I'm not even a video game person and!
Social Distancing Is The New Norm
Maintaining a continuous 6-foot barrier around ourselves is nearly impossible, but after all of this, it seems like more people than ever will probably try. And it may change how we look at crowds, at least for a little while.

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