We're living in a new normal. Working remotely, no playdates for the kids, sporting events are canceled and staying 6 feet away from each other may last a very long time. 

A study by Harvard suggests that social distancing may have to happen off and on until predictably the year 2022, until enough of the population has built up an immunity to the coronavirus.

They predict COVID-19 could make a comeback in the winter. They say the only two ways the pandemic will end unless a vaccine is developed is if the virus is eliminated (which is unlikely) or if enough people develop an immunity.

An article on KTVB, which goes more in-depth into this study says we may even have to practice on and off social distancing as far out as 2025. Pretty scary.

Governor Brad Little extended the stay-at-home order today through April 30th and my hope is that adhering to his rules will at least help flatten the curve.

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