In this time of "what ever is there to do when we're stuck at home all the time?", a local Treasure Valley company has the answer! I'm not even a video game person and!

VR 1 Arcade in Eagle is obviously in a situation where they can't have people come in to their facility anymore, so they've found a way to keep you entertained, and you can support a really cool local business!

I didn't even know this was coming... My fiance Stacy told me she had a surprise for me this weekend and I was a little confused as we couldn't leave, and people can't really come over. Saturday afternoon, VR 1 Arcade showed up at a door with a fully sanitized, fully programmed, ready to go Oculus Quest virtual reality headset in a box!

We turned this thing on and got to experience all kinds of cool stuff. I'm not a gamer, so my fiance had fun with some of their awesome games. I got to walk aboard the International Space Station. Not only that, I got to venture out into space. This thing is so cool! Right in my own living room!

It connects to YouTube and Amazon Prime, where they have special VR content you can access and enjoy. It really is a cool escape from the norm in these weird times where we're stuck at home.

We've got ours for one more day so I assure you, tomorrow when I get home I am going to live it up for hours with our Oculus Quest until they come pick it up. When they do, we'll leave the case outside and they'll grab it, and safely, go on there way.

Check them out at

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