At first, I thought... How awful it must be for the rich and famous; social distancing, hanging out in their mansions with their giant pools and tennis courts, but after some serious thought, I kind of feel bad for them.

So for me, social distancing can be kind of boring in my three bedroom, two bathroom, humble Meridian, Idaho home. We have TV and streaming services, we have board games and plenty of food, but that's about it. We don't have a pool, certainly don't have tennis courts or anything like that.

Now, imagine this. You're rich and famous. You live in Beverly Hills in a 15 bedroom, 10 bathroom house, you usually have a chef, a maid and maintenance people to boss around, but now they're all gone. They're home, social distancing with their families. And now you, rich and famous, may not have cooked for yourself in years, now have to put the chef hat on and cook a meal, now you may have to get a scrubby brush and scrub 10 toilets, clean the tile floors in a MANSION. You now have to go out and mow your acres and acres of land. Maybe you have exotic animals you have to now tend to cause you're a celebrity and you thought it would be cool to get an exotic animal.

At this point, you might be wishing you were living in a humble, three bedroom, two bathroom home in Meridian, Idaho.

Actually, nevermind, I still wish I was rich and famous.

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