It's interesting, this whole Coronavirus thing. Some people are scared to death of it and some brush it away and say it's ridiculous, but with the polarizing views on things, how do you handle public interactions like this one?

I'm at Jackson's where they're following the social distancing guidelines pretty seriously. Blue tape on the floor indicating where people should stand in line to remain six feet apart, a rule where they are allowing no more than ten customers in the store at a time, the cashiers are wearing gloves, but not everyone follows the rules, it seems.

So I'm standing on the blue tape to not get too close to the person in front of me, when this guy comes and stands right behind me, so I scoot up a bit to distance myself from him and he keeps pushing forward. He obviously thinks this whole thing is ridiculous and just wants to pay for his stuff and get out of there, but at what cost? Regardless of your position on whether or not you think it's ridiculous, wouldn't you want to respect other people's wishes?

If you're in this situation at this point, is it worth the drama of asking someone to back up and give you some space? Or do you just breathe lightly and hurry out of there? It's a weird world we're living in right now, and I'm not overly paranoid, but I'm happy to have some space, and to give some space.

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