My Cat Is Now A Viral Star
Saturday nights have gotten pretty wild around the Moug household. This weekend, I drank a few Coronas and we made a viral star out our cat.
Things To Do In Quarantine This Weekend!
As I continue to do my part in social distancing, I know that once I leave work to go home, I'll be there all weekend. Here are some things to do while you quarantine at home this weekend.
I’ve Fallen Into The Tiger King Trap
I try not to jump on binge-TV trends, but since being home ALL...THE...TIME... and since there were so many memes about it (some of my favs are in the blog), I decided I'd watch this garbage show, and boy did it NOT disappoint!
It’s Time To Face Your Fears
I can talk in front of large crowds, I can talk on the radio with ease, but there's one social situation that makes me so anxious, my mouth dries up, my face turns red and I freeze. I'm going to face it this weekend, from the comfort of my own home during quarantine.
Best Movies For The Quarantine!
It's crazy, I watched Contagion this weekend, and it's eerily similar to the life we're all living right now. Here are some of the best movies to watch this quarantine season!
What To Do (At Home) This Weekend
As we head into the weekend, everyone is freaked of course about this whole Coronavirus thing, trying to avoid public gatherings and all, but we need things to do! Here's a few ideas of things to get you through the weekend without catchin' Corona!

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