As we head into the weekend, everyone is freaked of course about this whole Coronavirus thing, trying to avoid public gatherings and all, but we need things to do! Here's a few ideas of things to get you through the weekend without catchin' Corona!

1. The Return Of Netflix and Chill: I know, this is so 2015, but it's gotta make a comeback for now. And why not? Netflix has some good stuff in 2020, like Spencer Confidential with Mark Wahlberg and Post Malone. What? Yeah, that's real. Shawshank redemption is on Netflix and it's a super classic you HAVE to watch at one point, or several, in your life. Of course there's Love Is Blind, which is worth a binge through the weekend.

2. Kick off Spring Cleaning! Might as well disinfect the house while you're at it and make it look all clean and sparkly. If we all end up quarantined in our homes for a few weeks, at the very least it would be more enjoyable if the house was clean.

3. Go for a hike! The weather in the Treasure Valley has been pretty nice lately, why not go for a weekend hike? I'm pretty sure you're not going to catch anything walking through dirt, grass and rocks. And you can experience some life outside of the house.

4. Do your taxes! If you're like me and have been putting it off cause you know it's not gonna be pretty, maybe this is the time to face those demons. Or don't. That sounds awful.

5. Drink an actual Corona out of your fridge cause, as it turns out, you can't catch the virus that way.

Just a few ideas to make life a little more enjoyable while we all avoid the Coronavirus. Enjoy the weekend!

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