And then we'll be stuck with vegetables and quinoa and all that undesirable crap. Maybe it's a good thing?

We did a big Costco haul last week (don't worry, we didn't buy an unnecessary amount of toilet paper, mostly because I believe in showering). We did get a bunch of food that we'll enjoy whether or not we're quarantined.

We've got snacks like chocolate and chips and such, but we also have a bunch of healthy stuff and I think we're gonna run out of the good stuff pretty quickly and be stuck eating healthy, which might not be a bad thing. I've been attempting to start a diet for weeks and months and years and maybe I need some time away from the snacks to build some new habits.

But first, we'll enjoy all the goods! I read that Universal Pictures will make movies that are currently in theaters available to watch on demand at home. Ya can't just watch a movie without snacks, can you? Maybe that kind of thinking is why I haven't lost any weight yet. But regardless, I'm going to try and enjoy this social distancing as much as possible; movies, snacks, some board games, we'll do it all and when we run out, we'll be healthy.

But until then, it's on!

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