Saturday nights have gotten pretty wild around the Moug household. This weekend, I drank a few Coronas and we made a viral star out our cat.

Lucy Moug, the cat seems to be just as bored as we are on the weekends these days so she was happy to play along... And before you get mad at me for toilet paper hoarding, please know that out of the 24 pack I purchased on Amazon, these are the last 18 rolls we had.

Anyway, we saw a similar video online and thought our cat would DEFINITELY recreate this video, and she did, quite well actually:

Now of course, this invited people to shame me a bit online about the fact we had toilet paper, and I was accused of toilet paper hoarding but what are ya gonna do? I haven't hoarded toilet paper. I bought a 24 pack. And this is all that's left, ya know?

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