I try not to jump on binge-TV trends, but since being home ALL...THE...TIME... and since there were so many memes about it (some of my favs are in the blog), I decided I'd watch this garbage show, and boy did it NOT disappoint!

In the same way I can feel a little sad about my belt getting tight around my waste and then watch My 600 Pound Life and feel like, "okay, I've got a way to go before I end up on this show", watching Tiger King makes me feel less trashy about all the times I went into Walmart in sweatpants and flip flops, you know?

The interesting thing about this show, is that there is no real protagonist. Pretty much everyone is awful, so who do you root for? Well, no one. You've got the one woman who everyone's fairly certain murdered her husband and fed him to the tigers, then you got the Tiger King who breeds the crap out of these wild animals and takes them from their mama's right after they're born. And those two awful humans hate each other!

So, I think I'm about 4 episodes in and so far, there's no one to like, except of course the tigers themselves, they're such majestic animals and you feel for them being held captive in some crazy "Zoo."

I think the true heroes of this story are the people who have made all the creative memes, here are some of my favorites:

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