I can talk in front of large crowds, I can talk on the radio with ease, but there's one social situation that makes me so anxious, my mouth dries up, my face turns red and I freeze. I'm going to face it this weekend, from the comfort of my own home during quarantine.

I used to host club nights in Vegas. I'd be on the microphone in the dj booth yelling, "Make some noooooooise" to my heart's content. This was my comfort zone, I can do that kind of thing with my eyes closed, or open, with no problem.

I've hosted concerts in front of tens of thousands of people and all it does it get me excited and amped up, but there's one thing that gets me. I can't do it. When I have to, I totally freeze up, I'm awkward, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it...

Dancing. Yes, dancing. If not my biggest fear, it's up there. I'd be living my best life talking into a microphone at a club while just a few feet away, people were living my worst fear...

Well, now I'm in my thirties and my nightclub days are behind me, but my wedding, and really, the most important dance of my life, the one where all eyes will be on my bride, and therefore will see me, is coming, and I need to prep myself, so I'm going to put some practice in this weekend and face this looming challenge.

We've been taking a wedding series dance class but now that we have to stay at home, we can't exactly do that... So this weekend, with the door closed, I'll turn my garage into a dance floor and lean into the fear! We have a bluetooth speaker we can play music on, YouTube videos to watch, and I will walk out of this weekend a mediocre dancer. That's the goal, anyway!

What fear can you face from home this weekend?

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