As I continue to do my part in social distancing, I know that once I leave work to go home, I'll be there all weekend. Here are some things to do while you quarantine at home this weekend.

1. Don't forget, you CAN go for a walk, in fact, it's encouraged, just keep a safe distance from others.

2. If you're a sports fan, check out the history of your favorite sports team. How awesome would it be to go back in time and watch a game from the 80's?

3. If you're a foodie, order takeout from a restaurant you've always wanted to try. Maybe throw a picnic! My fiance and I had a lunch date earlier this week in the front seat of my truck.

4. If you're into culture, there are museums that offer virtual tours, check out Google's arts and cultures page.

5. Take a bath! That's super sanitary... Get a bath bomb and relax; light some candles and enjoy some "me" time this weekend!

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