Obviously the Coronavirus is not a positive, but the response we've had as a society arguably has some positive side-effects.

The social distancing can feel a little lonely and isolating, and let's face it, a lot of us are going to be obsessively addicted to washing our hands and using hand sanitizer once this is all said and done, and certainly our Grand-kids will think we're strangely obsessed with Purell, but some good side effects may in fact come from all this craziness.

First, I think it's already been proven that because so many people around the world have been practicing social distancing and staying home, fewer people are driving and the air pollution, particularly in major cities, has been reduced significantly.

Secondly, I think families are spending a bit more time together; enjoying each other's company, watching movies at home, maybe cleaning, maybe reading. I'm sure there is no lack of people scrolling through their phones but without the family going in separate directions all day every day, maybe in general, families are spending more time together.

Third, I think a lot of people may become more active! For me and my fiance anyway, we've realized there isn't much to do so instead of going to brunch like we normally do on Sundays, we went for a hike. The weather was beautiful, and there were a considerable amount of people doing the same, but in nature, it's easy to keep a safe distance.

Lastly, people are saving money! Without all the activities open, and with restaurants being to-go or delivery only, we're eating at home and finding things to do at home, and because of this, spending less money!

This is all temporary of course and people have to spend money for the economy to flourish, but for the time being, even with all this craziness happening, there are good things happening too.

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