The Los Angeles Lakers made history by winning the NBA Finals 4-2 over the Miami Heat. This entire second phase of the season was played in a bubble where players were basically quarantined. Nobody got sick. LA wins.

There is another California team headed to the finals we call, "The World Series." The Los Angeles Dodgers were down 3-1 and to pull out of miracle win against the Braves. Another LA team is headed to a championship run and Taco Bell wants to play too.

The popular fast-food restaurant is bringing back, "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" promotion. Score a free taco when a base is stolen during the World Series which begins on Tuesday, October 20 at 6:09 p.m.

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Taco Bell has designated Oct. 28 as the day to receive your free taco for a base being stolen. Don't want to wait? Download the Taco Bell app and immediately receive a code to redeem your taco instead of waiting till the end of October.

This isn't new when it comes to free tacos if bases are stolen. This will be the 9th year but the first for early access with a special code you receive on the app.

In a year full of uncertainty and an unprecedented season that started later than typically scheduled, Taco Bell wants to make sure that this year, taco and baseball fans alike don't have to wait any longer for the chance to score a free taco.

That comes from a Taco Bell news release this week. The catch is you must download the app by the beginning of game time on Tuesday to receive early access to the taco. There must be one base stolen during the World Series.

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