Some of the best ways to really see a city is to immerse your self in the culture. Get out and walk around, take in a Saturday Market, be part of the buzz. Boise is full of events happening this weekend and one of the best ways to see it all is by bike. Here are a few of the best places to rent a bike for your weekend adventures. 

Boise tops tons of Best of Lists, that we can't deny, and our growing city has seen the landscape of Downtown change like crazy in the last few years. Heck, look at how many HOTELS have popped up to accommodate the crowds that are coming to visit, and sometimes staying.

Credit: JD Hanks / Townsquare Media Boise

Yesterday, walking around Downtown I stopped by McU Sports and saw the bikes out in front and took one of them for a spin. The cost is super affordable, and the choices of bikes are stellar. The wind against my face the sound of the streets and cars made for another amazing experience through the back streets of downtown, but I feel like I was able to get a new perspective of the city we all get to call home. From a ground level. I chose to go for a traditional pedal bike, but you can also rent electric bikes for a completely different ride. Freaking FUN!!!

Credit: JD Hanks / Townsquare Media Boise

Jumping over to Boise section of YELP there is a treasure trove of highly reviewed spots around the city to pick up a bike and get out on the greenbelt, take it on a stroll downtown, or even get your time out in nature on the foothills of north Boise. Some great spots, like Boise Green Bike, Bikes 2 BoardsPedego Electric Bikes Boise are just a few places you can take the greener alternative to tour the city.

Get out and experience our amazing city, and with the weather, and the Boise River now opening up for the float season go for it.