I’ll be the first to admit that I have always been naturally skeptical of those who say they have psychic abilities. I am not saying that it’s impossible as there are crazier things that I believe in. I won’t rule it out and last week, my co-host, Ryan had an experience with a psychic right in front of me that gave me a pinch of belief. That experience was with none other than Psychic Sheila who joined the morning show last Friday. Sheila gave an in-depth read on Ryan while also picking up on some things in my own life that I hadn’t shared before. Is Psychic Sheila the real deal?

After Sheila left the studio, you could feel that the “energy” of the room changed. Not in a negative way, but it was just different. It was then that Ryan and I decided – we need to share this experience with the people of the Treasure Valley.

So, now we’re inviting you to get a FREE psychic reading this Friday (10/7) with Psychic Sheila on the radio with us, Chris and Ryan in the Morning on Mix 106. If you’re interested, I highly encourage you to reach out here or call us by phone in the studio at 208-376-5106 on Friday (10/7) morning or if it’s easier, send me an e-mail with your info and we’ll reach out to you to get everything set to go.

I know what you may be thinking but trust me, this isn’t Miss Cleo and there are no strings attached. The only catch is that your reading will be on the radio for the Treasure Valley to hear. If you’re down with that and want to put Psychic Sheila’s abilities to the test, reach out and let’s get you on the radio.

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