If you are like many students heading back to class this fall at Universities around the country or right here in the Treasure Valley, one thing that is always on your mind is money. How am I going to get it, and how much can I get. Well the stars have aligned if you are heading back to BSU, these guys are hiring, and they are looking for YOU!.

The Boise State Library is looking for you to check in for some employment opportunities for on-campus positions to start immediately. Seven different slots need to be filled and the University is looking to hire those individuals who are eager to work with people, technology and enjoy a good old read. To see a detailed description of the duties of the job, pay and commitment they can be accessed by visiting www.library.boisestate.edu

BSU Campus
Credit: JD Hanks / Townsquare Media Boise

These sound like great positions, that not only will bring in that money, so Friday night dinners won't just be ramen, mac N cheese, and Busch Lite. You can actually splurge and get a real meal like your Mom and Dad keep telling you. And it will look great on your resume when you graduate in May or December. Either way, check it out, its always good to keep busy. You know what they say about idle hands.

Oh yeah, Bronco Football is back in the next few weeks and you know that extra cash could come in handy. Happy Hunting. And dress appropriately for the interview. Go Broncos!

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