Stock up on some winter apparel while also giving back to the community. This holiday season Mix 106 is partnering with McU Sports with the goal of giving 1,800 pairs of socks to Boise's homeless community!

Stop in at McU Sports at either their downtown Boise location or the bottom of Bogus and BUY a pair of socks. For every pair purchased with a value of at least $17, you will GET a pair of socks for free. In addition to that, McU Sports will then GIVE a pair of socks to the Boise Rescue Mission. Buy 1, Get 1, Give 1! Their selection is pretty extensive by the way and includes some quality socks perfect for the wintertime and being in the snow.

Think about how nice it is to wear a nice pair of thick socks can while it's cold out. For someone who is homeless during the cold season, these socks will make a world of difference! We will need your help to reach our goal so stop by either McU Sports location and stock up on some cozy socks.



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