We've got a super-easy way for you to give back this holiday season. We've partnered with McU Sports to bring a little warmth to the homeless population here in the Treasure Valley. Here's how YOU can be a part of this great cause. 

Stop by McU Sports (at the bottom of Bogus Basin or their downtown Boise location) and BUY a pair of ($20 value) socks, you GET a FREE pair of socks and then McU Sports will GIVE a pair of socks to the Boise Rescue Mission. If you haven't experienced the quality of the socks at McU Sports, these aren't your normal thin, flimsy socks. These are socks designed to keep your feet warm in cold weather, so the value is huge!

We want every single person facing homelessness this winter to have warm feet, which can make a BIG difference. Imagine being stuck in the cold with frozen feet. There is nothing worse. This is a simple way to give back and get a lot in return.

You can stop into any McU Sports location this holiday season to be a part of the effort!


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