Allow ourselves to introduce...ourselves. Hello! We are Cort and Ryan, the two nouns behind Live With Cort And Ryan, the new morning show on Boise's Mix 106. Off the bat, let's set the record straight: Cort is the dude. Ryan is the chick. We know our names can be vague, so wanted to settle that right away.

Now, just because Cort is "the dude" doesn't necessarily mean he's "all that is man." In fact, if he was to arm wrestle Ryan, he may lose. He's certainly the bigger diva of the pair. Cort was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan...well, 45 minutes north of Detroit, but who's keeping track. It's not like you know Clarkston, Michigan. He has worked in radio in Detroit (actually Detroit this time), Cleveland, and Chicago before landing in the Treasure Valley. Before finding a career in radio, he worked for Comedy Central and has done stand-up comedy across the country.

Likewise, just because Ryan is "the chick" doesn't mean drink you under the table with a penchant for bourbon and a spitfire sense of humor. Seriously. If you call her and don't warn her that she's on speakerphone and your kids are'll make sure to mention it next time. Originally from Chicago, Ryan has lived somewhat of a Gypsy life as a Military Spouse over the last 14 years. She lived in Germany and Fort Bragg, North Carolina before finding her forever home in Star.

Wake up with Live With Cort And Ryan every weekday morning on Mix 106 for your daily dose of laughter, trivia, and all things Boise. Every morning, we'll have the 5 @ 6:55 to test your pop culture knowledge, One Word Weather Reports, and the List Of Six to keep your laughing in your car. Mondays better known as Manic Momdays, you'll get the :30 Second Survey, where we try to keep a stranger on the phone for longer than 30 seconds with ridiculous questions. Tuesdays Cort teaches you a thing or two in Cort's Cultured College. On Wednesday we play Feud Fight. Thursday is one we look forward to with Couples Cort--where we try to solve your relationship problems. Then on Friday, it's FML...Fix My Life. All happen at 7:15 and 8:15, so make sure you set your alarm and if you forget...we give you another chance to catch it.

We look forward to getting to know you, and opening our lives up to you every morning on Live With Cort And Ryan on Mix 106. We encourage you to download the Mix 106 Radio app and App Chat us during the show! It's free and is home to all the local content you need and exclusive content from the show.

Meet Live With Cort And Ryan: The New Morning Show On Boise's Mix 106

Live With Cort And Ryan is your new morning show on Boise's Mix 106. Wake up with them every weekday morning from 5am-10am for Couples Cort, One Word Weather Report, and the 5 @ 6:55.

Gallery Credit: Cort Freeman

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