Tuesday is the primary election in Idaho. If you are sitting there thinking, this election "doesn't matter." You are wrong. Click here so you can find out why your vote is so important tomorrow.

Election Day
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I am beyond passionate about exercising your right to vote. I get so fired up when people take for granted the right to form our government, yet have no trouble complaining about our elected officials. Grrrrr! Someone died so I could exercise my right to choose and because of that I feel that it is my civic duty to vote in every election; even the primaries; even the ones some say "don't count."

You will never, ever hear me tell you who to vote for. Just like I would never tell you what religion to practice. Those are personal decisions based on your life so I have no right to tell you what to do with those decisions. On the flip side, I have no trouble telling you to get out and vote though. I don't care who you vote for, just VOTE! Since I am shouting at you :),  the least I can do is  point you in the direction of all the information you will need to vote tomorrow. And thanks to the Idaho Statesman, I have a voter guide for you.

In my opinion, all these elections do have an effect on your daily life. If you feel passionately about same sex marriage, the vote for Governor is where you direct that passion. Or maybe you saw the video of the gubernatorial debate and have now changed your mind on who you want to be Governor. Vote. Public land is always a hot issue in Idaho. Your congressmen play a big part in those decisions. Vote for the person that best reflects your views.

One of the most uninformed votes is the judges race. I hope you never end up in front of a judge. Even if you don't, these judges are making rulings that set a precedent for future laws and decisions. You never know when those decisions will affect your live. This voter guide also has information on those judges and all other elections, on where you need to vote and you can also find out if you are registered to vote.

I can't say it enough, VOTE! Even in the preliminaries. Even in the elections that don't involve the election of the President of the United States. In my opinion these small elections have more affect on our daily lives than those national elections. Smaller races have the ability to shape the future of the political parties in this state. NOTE: You will need to declare republican or democrat tomorrow. That is how the primary is set up in Idaho (maybe someone you help elect will change that in the future).