Boise's very own Mayor McLean joined Moug & Angie Mornings on election day to answer a ton of questions about voting; how to register if you've waited till the day of, how to receive help voting and addressed some local concerns. We also find out her opinion on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie!

Today is the big day, and how cool that our little show, Moug & Angie mornings got to talk with Boise's Mayor McLean ON ELECTION DAY!

Hear our entire chat:

For questions on how to register to vote or if you need to find out where to vote/which precinct is yours, check out this handy website Ada County has put together here.

More people are voting in the 2020 Presidential Election than ever have before and more people are wanting to make sure their voices are heard in this ever important election. But it's not just about who will become President, there are senators on the ballot and many other smaller, more local choices to make when you head to the polls. At the above website you can also see a sample ballot so you can be certain you are well informed before heading in to vote.

It's a crazy chaotic election so hopefully everyone will manage their emotions well and be kind to one another, and of course the poll workers which are all local volunteers who just want to facilitate a fair an easy election process.

Will we know all the answers right away? Who knows... Either way, election day is a win for Democracy and a win for the United States Of America!

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