It's pretty exciting, as a pretty new show in the Treasure Valley, just to be nominated as Idaho's Best. We're certainly not expecting to win, but it would be awesome if we did! We just need your vote!

Idaho's Best is the biggest in the state and has the most participation. Though we've been here a relatively short amount of time, Angie and I have truly fallen in love with this community and plan to stick around for a while! In this ever evolving industry that radio is, awards like this are actually pretty important! So I'm not typically a person who asks for things like this, but I will ask you, if you enjoy our show, to cast a vote for us here.

As stated in my Instagram post, this would be a big win for our young show. Voting goes through this Friday the 18th at and you have to be an Idaho resident in order to cast a vote, which also makes this that much more fair! They'll narrow the awards down to a top three in each category and then have an awards banquet to choose a winner in late January. Like I said, it's incredibly exciting just to be nominated and if we don't win, we're still elated to be on this list with the great shows that are on here, and have been in the Treasure Valley a little longer. But also, it'd be really cool to win, too! So if you have a moment, we'd certainly appreciate your vote! -Moug

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