The 2020 Presidential Election is certainly one that will go down in history so you'll want to get involved. If you don't want to mail your vote in, or fight with lines on election day, you can vote early, in person. Here's how!

I want to make my voice heard in 2020 as this is one of the most important, and certainly will stand out as one of the most memorable elections of our lifetimes. Here in Idaho we have several options when it comes to how we cast our vote.

In Ada County:

  • You can mail in your vote, which you should likely have already gotten an application to do so in the mail
  • You can vote in person on November 3rd at the precinct assigned to you (find out where that is, and confirm you're registered to vote here)
  • Or, if you don't want to mail it in or spend time in lines on election day, you can vote early at a number of locations in Ada County.

For other Idaho Counties and additional voting information, check out

For early voting in Ada County, there are several locations open Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm and Saturdays 10 am-4 pm where you can just show up to between now and October 30th to cast your vote, including:

  • Ada County Elections
    400 N Benjamin Lane
    Boise, Idaho 83704
  • Meridian City Hall
    33 E Broadway Ave
    Meridian, Idaho 83642
  • Boise Basque Center
    601 W Grove St
    Boise, Idaho 83702
  • Eagle Hope Lutheran Church
    331 N Linder Rd
    Eagle, Idaho 83616

In truth, they've made it quite easy to register to vote, and to go out and vote so exercise that civic duty and take part in not only your own existence, but in American history and democracy.

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