If you don't think this election is about to go crazy you might have been tuned out. Ladies and gentlemen let the games begin. Expect the unexpected and the ride is going to be crazy.

This is what's happening today regarding the election and polls. I think the turnout could be the largest we've ever seen in political history regardless of any pandemic. You will see more mail-in ballots but the numbers will be through the roof. Old Navy wants to ensure your vote gets taken.

You might notice that companies are giving employees the day off to vote this year. That is how important your vote is just like any year. Old Navy is giving you the time off and paying you to work the polls. This means you get the day off at Old Navy and still get paid to work at a poll. Just look at it as paid public service for your country (that was so patriotic).

This pandemic has really caused worry that shortages of poll workers could shut some sites down. Not everyone wants to go stand in front of strangers for 8 hours knowing that one of them could have COVID-19. Old Navy is working with Civic Alliance and Power the Polls to hopefully bring in over 250,000 new workers for polling sites. That's a ton of workers.

This year's election will be held on my birthday in case you wanna send me something. Make your plans for November 3, 2020. This will be one crazy night and a big shout to Old Navy for stepping up to ensure employees get paid.


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