It's the most frustrating question you can ask a single person. The dating world is completely different these days and it's tough to explain that to someone who's been married for 10 years or longer. This article explains it best!

We Don't Date Anymore
Dmitry Shironosov

I apologize for making you click through again to get to the article but I had to share this. Whenever I talk about how difficult dating is these days, I always get a call from someone who's been married "27 years" and doesn't understand, "what's wrong with me." They always say, "My spouse and I just met, dated and got married." I'm glad it was so easy for them. It's not like that now. Dating in today's world is completely different. As this article states it so well, "charming gave way to convenience." Please read this so you never ask a single person again, "Why are you still single?"

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